5 Chicago Bears on the naughty list this Christmas

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2. Ryan Poles has not done well drafting wide receivers 

Velus Jones and Tyler Scott deserve a piece of the naughty list, but at some point, this is not their fault. At some point, the person who is naughty is the person who added them. Now, to be fair, Ryan Poles has had some great moves. He added DJ Moore, Montez Sweat, Darnell Wright, and the Carolina Panthers' top pick.

However, aside from Moore, who he got lucky to add, he has done awful with wide receivers. Equanimous St. Brown and Byron Pringle were the big moves last year. You can forgive that because Chicago did not spend, but he drafted Velus Jones, who will not be in the NFL after the Chicago Bears cut him. 

Tyler Scott has had a poor start to his year as well, as he will struggle to hit 200 yards by the end of the season. Overall, Poles has done a poor job at filling the wide receiver room. He has made signings, trades, and draft picks, and they currently have D.J. Moore and a bunch of low-quality wide receivers. That is a disappointment that has to be brought up.