5 Chicago Bears on the naughty list this Christmas

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1. Yannick Ngakoue did not go well with the Chicago Bears

This one is a little unfair because Yannick Ngakoue will end the season on the IR with an ankle injury. However, before the injury, the signing was looking bad, and the injury just cemented that Ngakoue would not play for the Bears again.

Ngakoue finished with a career-low four sacks. He never finished below eight. Even if he was healthy, he would have needed four sacks in four games to avoid a career-low mark. He was destined for a career-low year, though. 

Ngakoue posted a 4.8% pass rush win rate this season. That was one of the worst rates in the NFL this season. For comparison, it is down from 7.1% last season, and in 2021 it was a 10.7% pass rush win rate. He has gotten worse each year, but this year was a clear drop. 

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In the one game that Rasheem Green had to step up for, Ngaokoue had two pressures and a better pass rush win rate than any game Ngakoue played. When you lose one of your highest-paid free agents, and the pass rush arguably gets better, you know that you did not spend the money well. That is what gets Ngakoue on this list even before his injury.