The Chicago Bears need to avoid drafting a quarterback at all costs

There are bigger needs on the team

Arizona Cardinals v Chicago Bears
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Yup, you read the headline right. Before you run me out of town, hear me out.

Drafting a quarterback looks great on paper, but if the Chicago Bears want to use their two first-round picks to address a team need, drafting a pass rusher makes a lot more sense.

I know, four of the last five players to go first overall have been quarterbacks, but the Bears are in desperate need for a pass rusher.

Last season, the Bears were second-to-last in terms of getting to the quarterback, finishing with just 30 sacks, per ESPN. The only team with less sacks were the Carolina Panthers, who went 2-15.

The Montez Sweat trade bolstered the defensive front, but it just might not be enough. Without the impact of the Sweat trade, the Bears may have finished last in sacks.

The best teams in the NFL have a bunch of dawgs that can get to the quarterback. When you play teams like the Baltimore Ravens or the San Francisco 49ers, you know it's going to be a long day because their defensive line is so deep.

The Bears have missed this advantage for a while.

One interesting trend the NFL world has witnessed over the last five years is that the bulk of the players drafted in the top 10 are either quarterbacks or players skilled at getting to the quarterback. In today's NFL, both positions are game-changers. It's why quarterbacks and pass rushers are the most paid players right now.

With Justin Fields entering his third season as the full-time starter, why not ride it out? His teammates have stuck up for him multiple times to the media. Since head coach Matt Eberflus was granted another season, it would be unfair to get rid of Fields, especially after the Bears went 5-3 in their last eight games down the stretch.

This isn't coming from a Fields believer, either. The Bears should bring in someone who can compete for the job with Fields. His competition just shouldn't come from the draft. Signing a veteran in free agency like Tyrod Taylor or Ryan Tannehill is the right move.

Drafting a rookie quarterback to either replace Fields or compete for the job with him would be a huge mistake. It would divide the locker room and create more problems.

And let's face it, USC's Caleb Williams doesn't want to play for the Bears. The former Heisman liked an X post saying the Bears should draft Ohio State WR Marvin Harrison Jr. with the first pick instead of him, per CBS Sports.

While UNC's Drake Maye's handlers have been silent on who he wants to play for, there's a chance he feels the same as Williams.

Why would you draft a player who doesn't want to be on your team? This draft class is strong when it comes to pass rushers. Florida's Jared Verse, Alabama's Dallas Turner, and Penn State's Chop Robinson are just a few of the top names. There are also plenty of draft steals the Bears could pick in the late rounds.

This only strengthens why the Bears should avoid drafting a quarterback at all costs and fix their defensive line instead, one of the team's biggest flaws.

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It will be interesting to see whether the Bears give into peer pressure and draft a quarterback or do the right thing and draft a pass rusher.