5 Chicago Bears who need the bye week the most

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The Chicago Bears bye week being this late in the season means that pretty much every player is feeling that they are due for a week off. Still, it can hit other players differently, and in the weeks before the bye, you can always see a few players looking forward to it the most. 

Which players on the Bears roster needed this week to relax and get back on track the most?

5. The Chicago Bears rookie has hit the wall

The Chicago Bears look like they have found something with the ninth overall pick in Darnell Wright. He has faced some fierce competition and has competed hard every week. Early in the season, he showed a lot of signs of potential and progress, but it looks like he hit a wall around weeks six and seven. 

In week six, he battled against Danielle Hunter, and while he held his own, he appeared on the injury report after the game. The timing was bad because he played against Maxx Crosby and the Raiders the following week. Wright has not missed any time, but his play dropped from that game. 

According to PFF, his overall grade was 69.6 in the first six games and 52 in the most recent six games. The turning point was the double-up against Hunter and Crosby. 

You did not see the Wright we saw in earlier weeks, even against Carolina, who featured Marquis Haynes, DJ Johnson, and Amare Barno. Rookies usually end their season around this time, and they certainly had a bye week by now. So, this is the perfect chance for Wright to rest up and prepare for a solid five-game push. We will see just how much the injuries and lack of rest impacted him next week.