5 Chicago Bears who need the bye week the most

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2. The Chicago Bears rookie cornerback has been tested a lot

Tyrique Stevenson missed week 12 with an ankle injury. He had been in and out at times due to minor injuries during the year but had not missed any serious time before this. That is impressive in its own right, considering he is a rookie jumping in right off of the bat. 

Beyond that, even with Stevenson missing a game, the Bears' cornerback ranks fifth in targets against. When Jaylon Johnson is on the field, he is targeted 59 times to 35 for Johnson. Since Johnson returned from an injury in week six, that number is 50 for Stevenson and 27 for Johnson. 

Teams are coming after him like there is no tomorrow. At times, he has struggled, but he also had his best game against Detroit before the injury. So, the bye came at the right time. He can get an extra week to get healthy and can look in the mirror and realize he survived. Now, he can try to finish strong after a rocky rookie season.