4 Chicago Bears who need to get more playing chances

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Chicago Bears v Washington Commanders, Dominique Robinson
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1. Should the Chicago Bears give Dominique Robinson more work?

This one may be less deserving, and it may end up helping the Chicago Bears lose more games. Still, the team might as well try to trade Yannick Ngakoue right now. They can get something for him, as many teams would love the added pass-rush help.

This would open time for someone like Dominique Robinson. Robinson has not been good this season, but this is a fifth-round pick in his second NFL season. He was labeled a project when the Bears drafted him, so now is the time to see some development. He is rotating in, but giving him a bigger snap load would at least inform the Bears if he can even be a rotational piece moving forward or if he has taken no steps.

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Robinson does not need this sort of a shot, but it is clear the Bears have had interest. They kept him over Trevis Gipson this offseason because he had more time to develop, and he was a player that this group drafted. If Robinson ends his season in the same role, showing the same traits, the Bears have a problem. They need to let him play more and see what happens.