6 Chicago Bears who need to show the most growth in the final six games

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Las Vegas Raiders v Chicago Bears, Tremaine Edmunds, Jaylon Johnson, Jaquan Brisker
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5. The Chicago Bears need to see more from Tremaine Edmunds

The two big signings for the Chicago Bears back in the free agency period were Tremaine Edmunds and Nate Davis. Both have been duds so far. Nate Davis has had issues, and Edmunds missed a lot of the training camp and preseason action due to an injury as well.

When he returned, the Bears struggled. What has to be most alarming is that once he got off the field, the Bears' defense improved. It could be the guys around him and the schedule, but Jack Sanborn has been better so far. 

When Edmunds is on the field, the Bears allow a 45.4% success rate. When Edmunds is not on the field, that goes down to 39.2%. Edmunds has missed tackles and had issues in coverage. 

The final six games are key for him. The Bears cannot do anything about his contract, so he is going to come into the 2024 season as the starter. However, if his play keeps going like this, fans are going to be nervous about any optimism because of this.