6 Chicago Bears who need to show the most growth in the final six games

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4. How much better can the Chicago Bears offense look with Braxton Jones?

It is clear that Braxton Jones is a better option at left tackle than Larry Borom. In 39 fewer snaps, he has 13 fewer pressures, five fewer quarterback hits, and two fewer sacks allowed. His pass block efficiency score is 96.3, while Borom's is 93.5, per PFF. 

However, there are still questions about whether the Bears should rely on him as their future left tackle for the next three-plus years or not. Braxton Jones has shown well in moments but still has lapses where you see time needed for development. 

More than that, he has seven penalties this year. To be fair, his last two games have been clean, so maybe things are turning up. 

After missing weeks three through eight and having penalty issues, as well as a few bad reps here and there, it would be nice to see Jones put together a strong finish to his year. With the three games played since his injury and six more games, the nine-game sample would be strong enough to show the Bears that he can be the starter moving forward. Can he do that, or will the winter months expose him?