Chicago Bears need this player to keep up his play from last season

Ryan Kang/GettyImages

 The Chicago Bears are looking for big steps forward from second-year players Gervon Dexter and Zacch Pickens. Their depth chart shows just how badly they need these two to perform. However, this is also putting a lot of weight on Andrew Billings to have the same season as last year. 

Can Andrew Billings provide the same level of play for the Chicago Bears?

Billings was a key reason the Bears' run defense was turned around overnight. He posted 23 pressures and 14 stops per PFF, his best statistical season since 2018. What is even more impressive is that he did that on 506 snaps this past season, where he had 632 snaps in 2018. 

The Bears are going to need to get a repeat of the 2023 Billings because they did not do much to improve the room. Gervon Dexter may improve, but he is a better pass rusher, and will always lack in the run game comparatively. Pickens showed a lot less potential in his rookie season, which brings more questions. 

The team lost Justin Jones and right now they have Michael Dwumfour and Byron Cowart stepping into the depth roles. This is not enough, and it will put a lot on Billings.

Most fans will see that Billings played well in 2023, and assume it is easy to repeat that. However, as we noted, he has not hit that level of play since 2018, it is not like this is a consistent thing for Billings. He was injured in most of 2021, he started to come back in 2022 but only played 478 snaps. Then, in 2023, he got his swagger back. 

Billings will be 30 years old and will be asked to handle a bigger role with more weight on his shoulders. If Dexter and Pickens do not step up, it is fair to wonder if Billings can provide the same level of play in 2024.