3 things we need to see from Tyson Bagent to prove he's more than a backup

Is Tyson Bagent just a backup or can he prove he can be a starter in the NFL? Can Bagent go from Division II to NFL starting quarterback? Will he unseat Justin Fields as the Chicago Bears starter? We need to see these three things in Week 8 vs. the Chargers if he's going to make his case.

Chicago Bears, Tyson Bagent
Chicago Bears, Tyson Bagent / Todd Rosenberg/GettyImages
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Chicago Bears, Tyson Bagent
Chicago Bears, Tyson Bagent / Quinn Harris/GettyImages

Tyson Bagent needs to show the Chicago Bears he can handle pressure

In the loss to the Minnesota Vikings, Tyson Bagent did not handle pressure from the Vikings as well as he did last week in the win over the Raiders. Bagent had more time to prepare for the Raiders and well, despite Maxx Crosby, the Vikings have been slightly better at getting to the quarterback. Bagent played five possessions in relief of Justin Fields and Bagent turned the ball over in two of them -- an interception and a fumble.

When facing the Raiders, Bagent's decision-making was much better. It was not only the fact that he didn't turn the ball over in this game, but he showed poise in the pocket. He knew when to move, when to run, and when to stay put. If pressure got close, he carefully threw the ball away. He did not look like a rookie, but instead a seasoned backup quarterback. He played the game-manager role perfectly.

One benefit to having a quick release, Bagent is able to get the ball out before pressure can get to him. It means the offensive line needs to hold blocks for a shorter amount of time. It means that he is able to find the open target or throw it away. When a team blitzes, they usually leave someone open. Bagent showed us he can read the defense well and find his hot routes if needed after identifying where the blitz is coming from. These are honestly things Justin Fields struggles with at times. Now, we need to see him prove it again vs. a hungry Khalil Mack and Joey Bosa.