3 things we need to see from Tyson Bagent to prove he's more than a backup

Is Tyson Bagent just a backup or can he prove he can be a starter in the NFL? Can Bagent go from Division II to NFL starting quarterback? Will he unseat Justin Fields as the Chicago Bears starter? We need to see these three things in Week 8 vs. the Chargers if he's going to make his case.
Chicago Bears, Tyson Bagent
Chicago Bears, Tyson Bagent / Todd Rosenberg/GettyImages
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Chicago Bears, Tyson Bagent
Chicago Bears, Tyson Bagent / Quinn Harris/GettyImages

Tyson Bagent needs to show the Chicago Bears he can push the ball

Last week, Nathan Peterman was put into the game to throw a hail mary before the end of the half. Tyson Bagent says he has a cannon of an arm, but then why did Peterman have to make the deep throw? His deep ball against the Vikings was thrown very short and led to an interception. I thought he had pressure in his face making the throw more difficult, but after the Peterman situation, you have to wonder if he struggles in that area. Note, that it wasn't brought up as a huge issue in his draft profile, but the signs seem to say otherwise.

Last week, Bagent threw four passes beyond 10 yards. Two of those passes went for incompletions. His best throw went for 15 yards and I believe it was on his escape and rollout to DJ Moore. I found that to be one of his best throws in the game. The running game helped Tyson Bagent drastically, but the Raiders are 24th against the run this year, while the Chargers are currently 11th. The running game is not likely to see the same level of success in Week 8. Bagent will need to find a way to pick apart the defensive backs since the Chargers have given up the second-to-most passing yards.

My hope is that with what took place last week, the Chicago Bears will attempt to run the ball early -- even if not extremely successful. We need to see the play action develop and some deeper throws made. I'm not expecting 25+ air yards, but I want to see more between 10 and 20 yards before I even start to think Bagent has the upside to become a starter in the NFL.