3 things we need to see from Tyson Bagent to prove he's more than a backup

Is Tyson Bagent just a backup or can he prove he can be a starter in the NFL? Can Bagent go from Division II to NFL starting quarterback? Will he unseat Justin Fields as the Chicago Bears starter? We need to see these three things in Week 8 vs. the Chargers if he's going to make his case.

Chicago Bears, Tyson Bagent
Chicago Bears, Tyson Bagent / Todd Rosenberg/GettyImages
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Chicago Bears, Tyson Bagent
Chicago Bears, Tyson Bagent / Todd Rosenberg/GettyImages

Tyson Bagent needs to show the Chicago Bears he can work progressions

When Tyson Bagent came into the game for Justin Fields, the Chicago Bears changed up the game plan slightly. The Bears used Bagent's ability to get the ball out quickly and threw quick, short passes the majority of the time. This isn't to say he didn't throw the ball downfield, but when he did, it was a pass that looked like a throwaway that Tyler Scott caught on an incredible comeback, plus the interception he underthrew to DJ Moore. Even then, the Moore pass was his first read.

In his first start, a win against the Raiders, Bagent was like a surgeon. He completed 74% of his passes and dissected a Raiders defense that didn't look like it wanted to play football that day. The Chicago Bears running attack was dominant and when Bagent needed to throw the ball, he made his throws. However, the Raiders made it relatively easy. The Bears used max protection most of the time and Bagent threw a majority of single-read throws.

That said, there were a few plays when Tyson Bagent showed that he can read the defense more than just pre-snap. He got through to his second and even third read on occasion. The problem is, that isn't going to be as easy against the Chargers without a dominant running game. The Chargers are allowing less than 100 yards rushing per game and at home, it is as low as 80 yards. The Raiders are allowing 124 rushing yards per game and that increases to over 150 when on the road. This matchup will not be as easy. Without a dominant running game, the Chargers should be able to bring more pressure.


This is a perfect opportunity for Tyson Bagent, and even Luke Getsy, to showcase what they can do. If Tyson Bagent can show us these three things, then it's possible that he could be a true starter in this league.