Chicago Bears news: This decision has to have Darnell Mooney on notice

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When the Chicago Bears drafted Tyler Scott, many fans thought there was a bit of a resemblance to Darnell Mooney. Both are smaller players who have real speed to spread the field. Tyler Scott may have been more dynamic underneath, while Mooney was a deeper field threat, but they both could work both areas, and both have similar skill sets.

Did the Chicago Bears draft Tyler Scott to replace Darnell Mooney

The one big difference between Tyler Scott and Darnell Mooney is that Tyler Scott spent 97% of his snaps on the outside when he was in college. Meanwhile, last season the Chicago Bears had Darnell Mooney in the slot for 61% of his routes. The team was shifting Mooney into the slot more often last year, and the increase became even starker when Chase Claypool was added.

So, the initial thought was that while Mooney and Scott have similar body types, the role that Scott plays may resemble Chase Claypool more. However, the Chicago Bears have already been working Scott into the slot, which is where he played almost all of rookie mini-camp.

The thought is probably to let Scott take a year learning the slot, and then have him take the role that Mooney had. It does make sense when you think the Chicago Bears valued Chase Claypool enough to trade their second-round pick, and this is not even the front office who drafted Darnell Mooney in round five.

Mooney has performed more, but this front office is invested in DJ Moore and Chase Claypool more, so they probably have no intentions of bringing back Darnell Mooney. Heck, they could let both Claypool and Mooney walk next season, then roll with Moore, Scott, and another rookie, perhaps with a bigger frame next season.

Even then they have money committed to Moore and probably do not want another big salary receiver, whether it be Claypool or Mooney. It would be best to have two younger names with cheaper salaries next to Moore. That is what they have now, and can be what they have even when it is time to pay Claypool and Mooney.

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The Chicago Bears drafting Tyler Scott had to wake up Darnell Mooney to the plans the Chicago Bears have for him long term. However, now that the Bears are having him work in the slot primarily they are telling him how they feel. It is hard to see what Mooney would do to get the extension that he wants in Chicago.