Chicago Bears News: Green Bay to host 2025 NFL Draft, but why?

Chicago Bears, NFL Draft
Chicago Bears, NFL Draft / Sarah Kloepping/USA TODAY

New York City hosted the NFL Draft from 1965 to 2014. Then, in a turn of events, Chicago was awarded the possibility of hosting the 2015 NFL Draft. The event was so successful, they were able to host the 2016 NFL Draft also. Then, Roger Goodell and the league started a rotation of locations for the NFL Draft, including Cleveland, Dallas, Philadelphia, Nashville, Las Vegas, and most recently Kansas City. Now, Chicago Bears fans and NFL fans will see the NFL Draft held in Detroit next year (2024) and according to recent reports Green Bay in 2025. The question many are asking is, why?

Lambeau Field is one of the most iconic stadiums in all of football. The area around the stadium called Titletown is a fantastic area to spend time in. The problem is, how will they accommodate that many people? Will media members choose not to attend? Will fans still want to go knowing that hotels are limited and they will have to either pay for a ride or find a designated driver? Media members are already not thrilled with the idea.

Will Chicago Bears fans go to Green Bay for the 2025 NFL Draft?

If I am being honest, going to Lambeau Field is something any Chicago Bears fan should want to do, but going to a game is definitely different than attending a draft. I went to the draft in Chicago in both 2015 and 2016. Although both events were fun, as a fan, I could not see myself driving to Green Bay, likely staying in a hotel that is at least 30 minutes away, just to attend an NFL Draft. The infrastructure just does not seem like it is there and I'm not saying this only as a Chicago Bears fan.

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Chicago had over 200,000 people in attendance over the three-day event. Nashville actually saw over 600,000 people when it hosted the draft in 2019. Kansas City saw over 300,000 people less than a month ago.

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Even though Green Bay is a historic NFL town and team, will fans of other franchises actually want to visit? Would you, as a Chicago Bears fan, even consider the drive up north for this event?