Chicago Bears News: Matt Eberflus describes his ideal 3-technique

Chicago Bears, Jalen Carter
Chicago Bears, Jalen Carter / Steve Limentani/ISI Photos/GettyImages
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With Daron Payne no longer an option for the Chicago Bears this offseason, the team will need to look elsewhere when attempting to fill their void at the 3-technique. Matt Eberflus has not shied away from telling anyone who listens or asks just how important the 3-technique is to his defense. If only the Bears could bring back a prime Tommie Harris. That is obviously not a possibility, the team will need to find a viable option in either free agency or the 2023 NFL Draft.

While at the 2023 NFL Combine, Matt Eberflus told reporters that his ideal defensive linemen should be "big, long and fast" according to Carmen Vitali. If we look at DeForest Buckner, who played under Eberflus with the Indianapolis Colts, that's exactly what he is as a player. Buckner is 6'7" and disruptive off the ball and in the backfield. Nothing against Justin Jones, who I believe should be on the roster in 2023, but he does not fit that mold. Jones is only 6'3" and 310 pounds. He is relatively quick, but not fast enough to be an every-down force like Buckner.

The Chicago Bears are looking for big, long and fast defensive linemen

If we look at who is available via free agency, this would give us some inside intel on who Ryan Poles may be looking to add. The three top guys left who I like in free agency, not accounting for any players who may become salary cap casualties, do not all fit the mold Matt Eberflus mentioned. In fact, I think it's safe to say it completely rules one of them out as an option this offseason.