Chicago Bears News: Matt Eberflus and the Bears steal assistant coach from the Titans

Chicago Bears, Luke Steckel
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It is being reported by Sam Phalen of A to Z Sports, that former Titans tight end coach, Luke Steckel is leaving the Tennessee Titans to join the Chicago Bears coaching staff. It will be interesting to see what coaching position he takes on since he is leaving the Titans after being told he would be taking on a new coaching position after not being considered for the Titans' new offensive coordinator position. Steckel received an interview with the Chargers this offseason to be their new offensive coordinator but essentially was passed over.

Luke Steckel has been with the Titans for most of his career. He joined the franchise in 2013. When he saw himself passed over for the offensive coordinator position, you'd have to think he decided to find a change of scenery. Luke Getsy is only in his second year as the offensive coordinator and the offensive coaching staff should benefit from a coach like Steckel.

The Chicago Bears steal Luke Steckel from the Tennessee Titans

Steckel is still young at only 37 years old. He has a connection with Chicago Bears head coach, Matt Eberflus. The two coached together in Cleveland under Eric Mangini. Now, reports are that the two will be reunited. This time though, Eberflus will hold the title of the head coach while Steckel's role has yet to be released. Jim Dray is the current tight ends coach, and Tim Zetts is the assistant tight ends coach. It is now reported that Steckel will take on the assistant offensive line coaching vacancy left by Austin King. King took a lateral move from Chicago to Denver.

What's interesting though is that Steckel is leaving a newly created position with the Titans. Steckel was given the role of 'run game analyst'. To be honest, I'm not sure what that truly means and it could be viewed as a demotion to go from a coach to an analyst.

"“Because the Run Game Analyst is a new position within the organization that was created this offseason, it is unclear if the change was a promotion, demotion, or lateral move for Steckel." wrote Sam Phalen. Phalen also called Steckel a “rising star in the coaching world and a highly successful position coach.”"

Sam Phalen

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Until we know what coaching position or role Luke Steckel takes on with the Chicago Bears, it's hard to honestly know what type of impact he will have within the Bears organization. However, if what Phalen is writing about Steckel being a rising star within the coaching world is correct, then this is an excellent hire for the Bears. Let's say Luke Getsy and the Bears take a big step in 2023 and Getsy moves on. Having a young, up-and-coming coaching candidate like Luke Steckel on the staff is important and he could be an offensive coordinator replacement candidate for Getsy.