Chicago Bears New: 5 takeaways from NFL combine

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Chicago Bears, Anthony Richardson
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4. The quarterbacks helped the Chicago Bears at the NFL Combine

We noted before the combine that it would be great if one of these quarterbacks could set themselves apart as the top guy. This would create more buzz and a higher price for the pick. The quarterbacks did not do that, but you could argue all four did things to improve their stock.

Bryce Young probably put on weight that is not legitimate and did not work out because of it. Still, he checked in over 200 pounds, and at 5'10" and 204 pounds, he can at least point to Kyler Murray as a comparison.

C.J. Stroud threw at the NFL combine and probably was the best passer. He was a big winner in this area. Will Levis had the best arm in terms of pop and deep ball accuracy, but of course, it was Anthony Richardson who set the world ablaze with his athletic performance and arm strength.

You could make the case for all four to go number one. This may hurt the team because some teams will feel good waiting. At the same time, if you did not want to jump up for Young, you may now want to jump up for Richardson. That could help the Chicago Bears as new names enter the discussion.