Chicago Bears News: Team struggles in key areas on anonymous report card

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The Chicago Bears received three poor grades that stood out

Not everything is good and the Chicago Bears will need to find ways to improve in three key areas that players are not thrilled about. Kevin Warren will need to look to improve in these areas as he takes over as the new President/CEO.

Before we get to the final grades, it was also indicated that players, although relatively positive about the new coaching staff, were not thrilled with the intensity of Matt Eberflus' offseason workouts. Personally, I'm not concerned about this at all as many veterans usually complain about offseason programs. However, I am concerned with these three key areas that received poor grades.

Team Travel: C-

The Chicago Bears received a C- grade for their travel accommodations. Only 78% of players feel like they have enough room and the team is only one of seven teams to not offer first-class seats to their players. Is anyone shocked by this knowing how cheap the McCaskeys are rumored to be? That said, I know that they too flew coach back from the Super Bowl. Maybe they just don't see the point in paying for something like first class, even for themselves.

Food Service / Nutrition: D+

The second-worst grade in my opinion, despite having the lowest grade, is the team's nutrition and food service. Players seem to be frustrated with the timing of the meals and the quality of the food before practice. It should be noted that all three meals are provided to players.

I cannot speak to this directly as I have never seen what is offered, but I will say if it's anything like the Chicago Bears football camp I went to as a kid, I can agree that the food options were not fantastic.

Support of Players' Families: C-

This sounds the worst and in my opinion, is the worst grade on the Chicago Bears report card. Now, it's not quite as bad as it seems. It isn't saying that the Bears organization is anti-family. They just do not offer the same type of accommodations as the other organizations. Maybe that will change once the Arlington Heights facility is finalized in about five to eight years. Maybe not.

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Players were frustrated with the fact that the Bears are only one of 11 teams that do not offer daycare. Here is where it gets ugly though. According to the report card, players feel like the organization provides the minimum just to get by and don't actually try to take care of the team.