Chicago Bears News: Team reveals plan to remain in city with new stadium

Sweet home Chicago for the Bears.

Washington Commanders v Chicago Bears
Washington Commanders v Chicago Bears / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

Rumors over the Chicago Bears abandoning their stadium plan in Arlington Heights by electing to remain in Chicago no longer appear to be a leverage tactic.

The Bears revealed a shift in focus on Monday as the team announced their intent to invest $2 billion of private funding into a project that would result in the team having a new stadium along the lakefront in Chicago.

""The future stadium of the Chicago Bears will bring a transformative opportunity to our region—boosting the economy, creating jobs, facilitating mega events and generating millions in tax revenue," Warren continued. "We look forward to sharing more information when our plans are finalized.""

Kevin Warren via NBC Sports Chicago

It's important to note that until the Bears officially announce a plan, there remains the possibility that this is an elaborate negotiating tactic in their property tax dispute with the Arlington Heights School District.

The Chicago Bears appear to be moving forward with a plan to remain in Chicago.

Given the improved team and city relationship, momentum has been building toward the Bears remaining in Chicago. Kevin Warren and Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson have repaired a relationship that their predecessors fractured. To that end, Monday's news has the sniff of more than a leveraging tactic.

Recent comments from Warren have suggested his vision is for the Bears to remain in Chicago. Under this new plan, the Bears could sell naming rights to the highest bidder for the new stadium, a path they could not accomplish with Soldier Field. It also remains to be seen how the rest of the plan will be funded and what relationship there will be, if any, with the Chicago Park District. Initially, the whole purpose of the Bears moving from Soldier Fields was their desire to sever the relationship with the Chicago Park District and have ownership rights to their stadium.

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