Did the Chicago Bears deserve these 2023 NFL Draft grades?

Chicago Bears, 2023 NFL Draft
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Chicago Bears, Darnell Wright
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Chicago Bears Draft Grade: Bleacher Report | A

These grades are in no particular order -- as in, I am not putting them in order by grades or by which site posted their grades first. Now, the first sports media site on my list to give the Chicago Bears an A was Bleacher Report.

Bleacher Report also spoke to the two trades that general manager, Ryan Poles made to start the 2023 NFL Draft. I think moving down one spot and gaining a 2024 fourth-round pick is not being talked about enough. Poles essentially got the player he was going to take at nine for slightly less money and received a future fourth-round pick in the process. Seems pretty genius to me.

When it comes to the draft picks themselves, Bleacher Report seems to like the selection of Darnell Wright to help protect Justin Fields. However, they also thought taking Gervon Dexter at 53 was a reach. Bleacher Report had him ranked 72nd overall.

They also felt like trading up for Tyrique Stevenson was also another reach at 56. Ryan Poles obviously disagrees, but Bleacher Report had Stevenson ranked 123rd overall. They did, however, like the picks of Noah Sewell, Zacch Pickens, and Terrel Smith -- stating they all should be able to contribute early to a defense that struggled in 2022.