Did the Chicago Bears deserve these 2023 NFL Draft grades?

Chicago Bears, 2023 NFL Draft
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Chicago Bears, Roschon Johnson
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Chicago Bears Draft Grades: The Rest

There are a bunch of other sites that gave the Chicago Bears draft grades and all but one of them were at least a B-

Sports Illustrated | B
USA Today | A
Washington Post | C+

I'm not going to dive deep into these, but I do have to speak to the Washington Post giving the Chicago Bears a C+ for their 2023 NFL Draft class. I really need to know what background the author Mark Maske has when it comes to football knowledge. The reason for that is he gave the Bears the worst grade in the NFC North despite the Lions clearly having the worst draft weekend. Reading the analysis, I don't think this guy has a clue to what he's talking about.

This brings me to final part of this whole collection. Do the Chicago Bears deserve the draft grades they received? I'm not a big fan of grading the players themselves until we see how they play on the field at the NFL level. Grading the thought processes and the trades are what make more sense to me. As a whole, the Chicago Bears need to be at an A.

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The team has two first-round picks next year and a plethora of other future draft picks thanks to trading away the first pick to the Panthers. They earned another future pick by moving down one spot and still landed the guy they wanted. Did I say, D.J. Moore? Then we get to the draft picks and they shouldn't be any worse than a B-. Therefore, I'd say the Bears earned all of the A through B grades, but the B- and C+ are a joke.