Bears 2024 NFL Mock Draft: 5 lethal prospect combos Chicago could use top picks on

Two top-5 picks could lead the Chicago Bears to a quick turnaround in 2024

Chicago Bears, Marvin Harrison Jr.
Chicago Bears, Marvin Harrison Jr. / Rich Schultz/GettyImages
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Draft Combination No. 3: QB Drake Maye and WR Malik Nabers

A few weeks ago, it would have sounded crazy to mention North Carolina quarterback Drake Maye as the no. 1 pick in the draft. Most would have said it's still Williams, no question. But, over the last few games, Maye's stock has continued to rise while Williams' has endured some questions.

This would again mean that the Bears move on from Fields, resetting the quarterback clock with a rookie contract. Maye is, at the very least, the second-best quarterback in this class. With a 6-foot-5 frame, Maye looks the part. He has the prototypical size and can make just about all of the throws. He's also got some sneaky athleticism, rushing for a career-high eight touchdowns so far in 2023.

At no. 5, Harrison Jr. will be gone, but the Bears could pair Maye with the draft's second-best wide receiver and a guy who is having an even better statistical season than the Buckeye, LSU's Malik Nabers.

At six feet, 190 pounds, Nabers is a legitimate deep threat with blazing speed. But, he's also phenomenal after the catch. He is far from a one-trick pony. His body control is absurd, being able to give his quarterback a hilariously-wide catch radius and make some of the more difficult grabs you'll see. Between Nabers and D.J. Moore, and again hopefully Mooney, Maye would have quite the arsenal at wide receiver.