3 Chicago Bears who are not showing improvement in 2023

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Chicago Bears v Washington Commanders, Dominique Robinson
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1. The Chicago Bears getting nothing out of Dominique Robinson

It would have been hard for Dominique Robinson to get worse as a rookie. Still, that was expected. Robinson was a fifth-round rookie who was drafted based on upside and had the label of a project. So, year one was all about learning and growing and getting used to the NFL. Year two was supposed to show some growth. That has not happened.

Dominique Robinson posted a 5.3% win rate and 3.4 pass-rush productivity rating last year. Those were some of the worst rates in the NFL. This year, his win rate is down to 1.2%, and his PRP is slightly up at 3.6.

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Still, among qualified rushers, he ranks 85th out of 88 in productivity, and he ranks 88th in win rate. He is the worst pass rusher in the NFL by many standards. As we said, that actually is not an issue as a rookie due to the lack of experience. Even if he was around 60th this year, it would have been a sign of improvement. To somehow get worse when it looked like he was already at the bottom is stunning. Robinson does not look like someone who will contribute to NFL teams.