3 Offensive Coordinators Bears must hire to replace Luke Getsy

Chicago Bears, Luke Getsy
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3. Brian Johnson, Quarterbacks Coach, Philadelphia Eagles

Over the course of this last offseason, the comparisons between Jalen Hurts and Justin Fields ran wild. Every Bears fan wanted to see Fields take a similar leap to the one Hurts took last year, and Chicago had set him up to do so. Giving him an alpha wide receiver in D.J. Moore, like the Eagles did with A.J. Brown, and adding talent in the back field and offensive line, should have been enough.

But, through two games, Fields has not looked the part.

Current Eagles quarterbacks coach Brian Johnson is another guy who will have a great shot at landing an offensive coordinator job next offseason, should the Eagles' success continue.

Hurts' leap can be credited much to Nick Sirianni and Shane Steichen, but Johnson has also had a hand in developing Hurts into one of the league's best quarterbacks who also happened to land a historic contract during the offseason.

The Eagles run a scheme that features necessary offensive line play, along with a strong run game, which is something the Bears should try and emulate. Johnson could help do so, and he'll have a shot to move up the ranks in 2024.