4 Chicago Bears offensive coordinators with strong connections to Matt Eberflus

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2. The Chicago Bears should interview Kevin Patullo 

Kevin Patullo is an interesting name to watch as the current pass game coordinator and assistant head coach for the Philadelphia Eagles. 

He started his career in the NFL as an assistant with Herm Edwards and the Kansas City Chiefs, with Chan Gailey as offensive coordinator. In 2010, Gailey was named head coach of the Buffalo Bills and brought Patullo with him. He stuck around there until 2012 and in 2014, was named assistant wide receiver coach under Ken Whisenhunt and the Tennessee Titans.

In 2015, he was reunited with Chan Gailey, who was offensive coordinator with the New York Jets. Gailey named him quarterbacks coach. In 2017, he was with Texas A&M and Kevin Sumlin as the senior offensive assistant before going back to the NFL in 2018.

In 2018, he was with the Indianapolis Colts and Matt Eberflus. He served as wide receivers coach for two years and was a pass game specialist in 2020. Then, he joined Nick Sirianni and the Philadelphia Eagles in 2021 as the pass game coordinator. He has been there ever since, and the Eagles have been successful with him in the role. 

He has shot up the coaching ranks and has worked with both receivers, quarterbacks, and the passing game as a whole. That is what you need in a coordinator with a new quarterback.