4 Chicago Bears offensive coordinators with strong connections to Matt Eberflus

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1. Will the Chicago Bears call Frank Reich to be the offensive coordinator

This one is the most obvious name to bring up. We mentioned a lot of Indianapolis Colts offensive staff members, but there is also one big name on that staff that the team could hire. First, Frank Reich worked as the head coach, and Matt Eberflus was the defensive coordinator. 

This time, it could be Eberflus as the head coach bringing in Reich as his offensive coordinator. It has been a bad two years for Frank Reich. However, a lot of things were out of his control due to the ownership and general manager situations around him.

Now, he gets a chance to start fresh. Reich will not get a head coach job after going 0-2 in his last two stints. However, he could be much better as an offensive coordinator compared to a head coach anyway. The playcalls have not really been the issue as much as the other aspects of coaching. 

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Beyond that, with Eberflus and Reich having that head coach experience, both could be more equipped to handle their side of the ball.