Chicago Bears Free Agency: 3 tackles to sign after the draft to add competition

Chicago Bears, Isaiah Wynn
Chicago Bears, Isaiah Wynn / Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports
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We are nearing the start of the 2023 NFL Draft and I do not expect to see any significant signings by Ryan Poles and the Chicago Bears prior to April 27, 2023. I was a little surprised by the signing of Rasheem Green a couple of days ago. Ryan Poles should be playing the compensatory pick game and signing guys after the 2023 NFL Draft (technically after 4:00 pm on May 1, 2023). Not that I dislike the signing, and he might not count if he's not ranked within the top 35% of players, but I don't view him as a huge upgrade that needed to be signed this early.

As we anxiously await the draft in roughly three weeks, we all have the guys we want to see in a Chicago Bears uniform. There are even multiple guys that many of us would feel very comfortable seeing taken on Day 1 and Day 2. When it comes to this draft class in particular, there aren't many "stars" but there are some solid prospects who could become cornerstone pieces on any team.

As we sit here today, the Chicago Bears did not do very much to address one of the worst positional groups on the roster -- the offensive line. Nate Davis is a very solid signing in my opinion but one above-average guard is not going to drastically improve this line. The team seems content with Braxton Jones at one of the tackle spots. He is hoping to be the left tackle but isn't opposed to moving to right tackle if needed. Teven Jenkins should be a starting guard (probably left) but he comes with plenty of injury risks. If Cody Whitehair moves to center, one tackle spot is missing.

If the Chicago Bears strike out at finding an offensive tackle in the 2023 NFL Draft, or if they take a developmental guy like they did Braxton Jones last season, here are some names worth considering for depth/competition in free agency should they still be around after the draft.