Chicago Bears Free Agency: 3 tackles to sign after the draft to add competition

Chicago Bears, Isaiah Wynn
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Chicago Bears, Eric Fisher
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Could Eric Fisher be a legit free-agent option for the Chicago Bears?

Another older veteran who could be added to the Chicago Bears roster is Eric Fisher. Fisher has a connection to Ryan Poles from his days in Kansas City. Fisher fits the mold that Poles wants in an offensive lineman too. He could be the anchor needed on the left side while Braxton Jones further develops his frame and craft on the right side.

32 for an offensive lineman isn't young, but it honestly isn't too old either. Fisher could be brought in on a two-year deal that allows him to prove he still has the ability to play despite not seeing the field in 2022. The problem is that last year it seemed Fisher was waiting for the right situation as he reportedly turned down nine offers before the season started. He didn't sign with the Miami Dolphins until very late in the year last season.

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Fisher is 6'7" and 315 pounds. He is a model for the body type and athleticism that Ryan Poles and his staff look for in a left tackle. He has great length, is strong, and has the ability to get to the second level in the run game. Fisher wouldn't be the long-term solution that the Chicago Bears need, but he could make for a solid stop-gap who could still be here in 2024 and 2025 when the Bears push for Super Bowl contention. He's easily the best offensive tackle remaining in free agency and should not cost too much based on his age. Should Poles strike out in the draft, Fisher makes some sense.