Most likely starters on the Chicago Bears offensive line in Week 1 vs. the Packers

Chicago Bears, Teven Jenkins
Chicago Bears, Teven Jenkins / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

We all know how bad the offensive line was last season. Justin Fields did not help the situation at times, but the interior of the line was beaten up quickly and badly in most games. Sam Mustipher is no longer the center of the Chicago Bears, but changes to the offensive line have not come without questions.

The original plan was for Cody Whitehair to man the middle and return to the center position. Teven Jenkins was going to kick over from the right guard spot to the left guard position. Ryan Poles signed Nate Davis away from the Titans to hold down the right guard position. That left Braxton Jones and rookie right tackle Darnell Wright to protect the outside.

Unfortunately, injuries happen and no one truly knows which five offensive linemen will be starting vs. the Packers in Week 1. Matt Eberflus and Ryan Poles alluded to the fact that everyone is healthy except for Teven Jenkins. Jenkins is being put on injured reserve with the ability to return after Week 4. However, he's not the only one dealing with injuries. Cody Whitehair has been dealing with a hand injury and is no longer able to snap the ball. Darnell Wright missed time due to an ankle injury. Lucas Patrick has barely practiced this offseason. Nate Davis, well, we don't know what is going on there.

Who will the Chicago Bears start on the offensive line?

If the offensive line was healthy all summer, I think fans would feel better heading into Week 1. No one has seen the supposed starting five play as a unit in quite some time. In fact, I'm not positive they have played together with pads on. We do know for sure that the original starting five will not be playing vs. the Packers in Week 1. Could we see at least four of the five though?

After some videos surfaced on social media from the Bears' practice yesterday, we could see Darnell Wright moving without a noticeable limp. We could see Lucas Patrick snapping the ball. We saw Nate Jones in pads and we heard reports that newcomer Dan Feeney was also snapping. How do we decipher this, though?

Braxton Jones, LT
Cody Whitehair, LG
Lucas Patrick, C
Nate Davis, RG
Darnell Wright, RT

Well, that's the most likely starting unit for the Chicago Bears vs. the Packers in Week 1. Lucas Patrick is likely going to start at center because Dan Feeney isn't going to be ready to man the line calls that quickly, and Cody Whitehair's hand injury is preventing him from being able to snap. Feeney might only be a depth piece, or he could push to start at center rather quickly. Only time will tell there, but the versatility he brings is important depth at the very least.


The good news here is that the Chicago Bears should have at least four of their best five offensive linemen starting when the season starts just 10 days from now. Let's see how well they can hold up over the first four weeks while Teven Jenkins heals.