5 Chicago Bears offensive linemen with most to gain this preseason

The Chicago Bears will not play starters much, but there is so much to watch amongst the depth offensive lineman in preseason week one.

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Chicago Bears, Dieter Eiselen
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3. Does Dieter Eiselen bring enough versatility for the Chicago Bears?

Dieter Eiselen was a UDFA back in 2020 when Ryan Pace was the General Manager. The Chicago Bears did not have a preseason that year. So, in 2021, he played 94 snaps in the preseason, and they were at right guard.

Then, in 2022 Eiselen played 101 snaps on the offensive line, with a split of 82 snaps at center, and 19 snaps at right guard. So, it is clear that Ryan Poles and Luke Getsy valued him more as a center.

This is where things get interesting with what we noted in regard to Lucas Patrick. Do the Bears play Patrick at guard, knowing that they liked Eiselen at center? However, if the Bears need a true backup center, they are going to play Patrick.

Meanwhile, if Eiselen is the third center, he may not make the roster. If he is the backup left guard, that will almost lock him onto the roster. Perhaps the fact that both Patrick and Eiselen can play left guard and center will keep both on the roster. Still, when the second team offensive line gets out there, fans should have eyes on where these two line up, and how these two play in those roles. Then, we should see if Eiselen does something like move from left guard with the backups to center with the third team.