5 Chicago Bears offensive linemen with most to gain this preseason

The Chicago Bears will not play starters much, but there is so much to watch amongst the depth offensive lineman in preseason week one.

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Ja'Tyre Carter, Chicago Bears
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1. How much progression has Ja'Tyre Carter shown with the Chicago Bears?

This will be an important season for Ja'Tyre Carter. Carter was a former seventh-round pick, and he came from Southern University, so it was going to take him some time to adjust to the NFL. Carter played 51 snaps in the preseason last year, all of them at right guard. He even got 31 snaps at right guard in the week 18 finale.

This shows the team was invested in him and happy with his progress throughout the year. So, now he is in year two, and he may be close to a roster lock. While Patrick has gotten work at right guard, the primary backup to Nate Davis has been Carter. Davis has missed plenty of time, and Carter has seen plenty of work.

Based on the practice participation, there is a good chance that Carter could start, or get significant playing time at right guard this weekend. Tracking his progress will be major. In a good scenario, he does not play in the regular season, so we will be going off of these three games next year around this time as well.

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Do the Chicago Bears have something? Is he just a backup, or did we see him hit a wall in his development? That is what we will learn soon.