3 Chicago Bears offseason free agent signings who need to step up in week two

The Bears did not get much from three of their bigger offseason free agent signings

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There were plenty of things to question about the Chicago Bears' offseason. You had to wonder if they prioritizied the right things in free agency, and they appeared to go out of their way to fit players to their scheme and culture rather than adding talent. There were a few signings who had awful games in week one as well.

Which players on the Chicago Bears are new to the roster, but need to pick things up quickly.

3. The Chicago Bears have to be worried about Nate Davis

One of the big reasons Chicago Bears fans thought that they could improve was signing Nate Davis. Davis had a solid start to his career with the Tennessee Titans, and the thought was that the Chicago Bears would get a strong run blocker this season. So far, Nate Davis has been a massive concern.

First, he did not practice all summer. He did not play in the preseason. Considering he never played in this system, he has a rookie right tackle beside him and an unknown at center; you had to think that it would take time to gel. Davis was a disaster on Sunday.

Devonte Wyatt beat him up and down the field. Also, his lack of chemistry caused a ripple effect that made things so much worse. One thought is that this has to be the worst. Davis is healthy now and practicing. He has the experience next to Darnell Wright and Lucas Patrick. He has good tape throughout his career, so he is not just a bust without talent.

Still, he needs the time on the field and needs to get the rust off quickly. The Buccaneers come in with Vita Vea, Logan Hall, and others who can beat him up if he is not careful in week two. He cannot be the reason this season falls apart.