3 Chicago Bears offseason free agent signings who need to step up in week two

The Bears did not get much from three of their bigger offseason free agent signings

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 Chicago Bears, Demarcus Walker
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2. The Chicago Bears did not get much out of DeMarcus Walker

The Chicago Bears needed defensive line help. So, signing DeMarcus Walker was not a surprise. However, when the Bears entered training camp, it was Walker who was the highest-paid edge rusher of the group, and that was a surprise. The Chicago Bears ended up signing Yannick Ngakoue for more money, but it was clear that Walker is a major piece of the team's plans.

It had to hurt to see Walker miss the preseason with an injury as well. So, it should also not be shocking that he was bad in week one. According to PFF, he was the fourth lowest-graded player, and the second lowest-graded defensive lineman, ahead of only Rasheem Green.

The worst part is that he was never known as a pass rusher, but he was supposed to be the guy who came in and immediately made the run defense better. He was one of the worst run-defenders in the entire game. His versatility is supposed to be key, but he slid inside for nine ineffective snaps.

This cannot be the way his season goes. Walker has to be more active in the run game, and his pass rush from the inside has to be more present. The team did not pay him a lot, but he is paid to be a starter and to complement Ngakou. This week, that did not happen.