Jaylon Johnson playfully trying to cool the media on Caleb Williams

This has become a fun duo to watch.
Chicago Bears, Caleb Williams
Chicago Bears, Caleb Williams / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

All the way back before Caleb Williams was a member of the Chicago Bears, star cornerback Jaylon Johnson was quoted with saying something that some may have taken out of context.

Regardless, it made for a fun conversation.

Johnson told the media, “What you did in college, the Hollywood, it’s like ‘nah, you gotta prove yourself. That stuff, like, that doesn’t matter."

The part of the quote that some may have missed out on, however, was when Johnson went on to say he's got to get to know Williams, too, though. Johnson clarified his point and made it known that he can't necessarily judge Williams based on all the hype, but rather getting to know him is the important first step.

It seems like these two are equally as hungry to win and are stepping up as leaders of the team. And, after a recent OTA practice, Johnson added yet another chapter to he and Williams' eventful, young relationship.

Apparently, Johnson wasn't too fond of Adam Hoge's tweet just a few days ago, where Hoge pointed out how much success Williams saw in a given practice. In a playful manner, Johnson made it known that Jahns' tweet wasn't particularly accurate.

The friendly competition between Caleb Williams and Jaylon Johnson will only continue to fuel the Bears' culture

When folks tried taking Johnson's words out of context, back in March, they were missing the point. Johnson was ensuring people knew the type of culture this Bears team had built over the course of the last year or so.

Johnson wants to win. He wants to compete, clearly, based on his breakout season in 2023. The guy is laser-focused on being the best, and he expects the same out of his teammates, rookie or not.

Fortunately for Johnson, his new quarterback feels the same way. Williams has stated, over and over, that he wants to win multiple Super Bowls. His last goal is "immortality," as we've read many times. That type of culture and goal-setting is exactly what this team has been lacking for a while, now.

Between Williams' fire on offense and Johnson's on defense, this team is in good shape when it comes to leadership going forward.