Overreaction Monday: Chicago Bears vs. Kansas City Chiefs

In a week filled with multiple storylines not pertaining to the play of the team itself, the Chicago Bears came out and gave Taylor Swift a true sighting of what they're capable of. And it's not much. After a performance like this, there's plenty to overreact to.

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Overreaction No. 3: The Chicago Bears need to trade Justin Fields

This is one of those truths that hurts most. The excitement Bears fans had when Justin Fields was drafted in 2021 was a peak in recent memories.

Is this an overreaction, though? Yes. Is it much of one? Who really knows.

Justin Fields was supposed to be the future of the Chicago Bears for years and years to come. Now, it's entirely possible that the Bears try to trade Fields before the year is over to be able to get something for the quarterback they ruined.

And while Justin Fields might be gone next season, his career is far from over. There's absolutely a coaching staff out there willing to bring in a quarterback they know they can coach.

The Chicago Bears, unfortunately, aren't that team.

And who knows if they can be that team in the future? Will it even matter if the Chicago Bears get to draft top talent, or will their fate be chosen once they're drafted to Chicago?

That said, with how things are going for the Chicago Bears, it's becoming more and more realistic that the Bears get their choice at a quarterback in next year's draft.

Do the Bears go with Caleb Williams, or do they dip back into the UNC pool with Drake Maye? Would the Chicago Bears even be able to draft another UNC quarterback that high, or would ownership prohibit such a move?

Regardless of what happens, it's not much of an overreaction to think Justin Fields' time with the Chicago Bears is coming to an end. It's just a matter of whether they can get anything for him, or if the league has seen enough from the former Buckeye quarterback.