PFF's wide receiver ranking is the first big win of the season for the Bears

This is new ... and we like it.
Chicago Bears, Rome Odunze
Chicago Bears, Rome Odunze / David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

For most of the Chicago Bears' lengthy history, this organization has not been accustomed to seeing the likes of quarterbacks and wide receivers high up on any type of 'power rankings' list.

Specifically, the wide receiver position has been a longstanding pain point for Bears fans.

The Bears have had a few big names, here and there, such as Brandon Marshall, Alshon Jeffrey and even the flash-in-the-plan that was, Allen Robinson, but it's been a while since fans have felt overwhelmingly positive about the wide receiver room.

That all changed this year when general manager Ryan Poles said 'enough is enough' and not only traded for Keenan Allen, but drafted Rome Odunze with the ninth overall pick a few weeks back.

Now, it's not just Bears fans who are riding the hype train. Even Pro Football Focus is paying attention, and they've released some updated wide receiver rankings, showing some love to this new 'Big 3' in Chicago.

Pro Football Focus doesn't get a whole lot of love these days, but they love the Bears' wide receiver room

Here's where each of the Bears' top three wideouts rank, league-wide, according to PFF's Sam Monson:

D.J. Moore: 12th

"Justin Fields was not seeing the game well at all early in the year, and despite that, DJ Moore was still able to rack up 1,364 yards at 2.31 yards per route run. He has proven to be an exceptionally effective receiver in all areas regardless of quarterback during his career."

Keenan Allen: 22nd

"Keenan Allen had 97 targets across his top seven games last season for the Chargers and racked up 1,243 yards in only 13 games. He was moved on because of a bloated contract he refused to take a pay cut on, but now, he brings one of the best route-running arsenals to Chicago to help rookie Caleb Williams."

Rome Odunze: 29th

"The third and final rookie to make these rankings, Rome Odunze would have been the first receiver drafted in most normal years but was the third off the board in this loaded draft class. Odunze brings an athletic profile to the table that can dominate NFL-level athletes and is especially good at winning contested catches."

For what it's worth, the Bears are the only team to have three wide receivers on this top-32 list from Monson. That speaks volumes about the work Poles has done since coming to Chicago.

There were those who may have had their doubts about Poles, initially, but he's proven all of those doubters wrong. The Bears not only have maybe the league's best trio of wide receivers, but also the best quarterback prospect to come out of college in a decade, in Caleb Williams.

What a world we're living in.