5 Chicago Bears with cases to make the Hall of Fame

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Chicago Bears HOF Candidate No. 3 Lance Briggs 

The long-held supposition that Lance Briggs was Robin to Brian Urlacher’s Batman is unjust to the former in the sense that it implies Briggs was always a couple of notches below Urlacher.

The key to appreciating Briggs's greatness is to understand that he and Urlacher served different roles. Instead of viewing the tandem through the lens of a superhero and a sidekick, it should be seen as a mutually beneficial relationship between co-stars. They were both great at what they did, and their differences in style and skill complemented each other and elevated the defense as a whole.

Briggs made seven consecutive Pro Bowls while in Chicago and was named to three All-Pro teams. At his best, he was an all-encompassing linebacker who made an impact in all facets of the game.

The Bears have long been defined by their lineage of great linebackers, and it wouldn’t be possible to have a complete discussion of it without acknowledging Briggs. 

Briggs’ Hall of Fame case is one that rests on consistency over peak performance. Though he may not have ever been the best at his position, he was one of the top handful of guys for nearly a decade, and that shouldn’t be viewed lightly. 

Verdict: Like Kreutz, Briggs has already been on the ballot for multiple years. It is still plausible that he gets in, but it’s not exactly probable.