5 Chicago Bears players and coaches who should sit at the kids table on Thanksgiving

These guys should all be given silly straws and bibs.

Chicago Bears, Luke Getsy, Matt Eberflus
Chicago Bears, Luke Getsy, Matt Eberflus / Michael Reaves/GettyImages
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2. Tremaine Edmunds

When the Bears signed Tremaine Edmunds during the offseason, I was thrilled. He was going to come in and be our Roquan Smith replacement. He, T.J. Edwards and Jack Sanborn would form one of the best linebacker trios in football.

Except, Edwards and Sanborn have been great, but Edmunds hasn't. If anything, he's made fans miss Roquan Smith even more.

If you want proof that Edmunds has been just plain bad in his first season with the Bears, look no further than his Pro Football Focus grades on the year:

52.4 overall

Run defense: 59.0

Pass rush: 36.6

Coverage: 53.1

Watching Edmunds this year, you can see that he looks a step behind on many plays. He is out of position in coverage, which is odd to see, because he was so good there in Buffalo. Chicago is stuck with Edmunds' contract for now, so they better hope he figures things out.

Edwards, meanwhile, looks like the biggest offseason bargain. You would think he's the guy worthy of that 4-year, $72 million contract, rather than Edmunds. If Edmunds can turn things around and become the guy he was in Buffalo, this Bears linebacking core could be one of the best in football.

But, for now, Edmunds should be served his cranberry sauce with the children.