5 Chicago Bears players and coaches who should sit at the kids table on Thanksgiving

These guys should all be given silly straws and bibs.

Chicago Bears, Luke Getsy, Matt Eberflus
Chicago Bears, Luke Getsy, Matt Eberflus / Michael Reaves/GettyImages
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3. Jaquan Brisker

Is it just me, or does it seem like "Jaquan Brisker is down on the field" every week?

Brisker came into the league as one of the best all-around safety prospects in his draft class. I loved everything about his game, but especially his physicality. He had a willingness to do the dirty work and make big hits. He was a willing blitzer but also a playmaker in the secondary.

Yet, a year and a half in, Brisker has seemed to be a whole lot more bark than bite. Watch him closely. He sure likes to talk a lot. He is always talking, chirping, celebrating even the minor plays. Yet, he hasn't been very good this year.

If you're looking for a run stopper, then Brisker is your guy. He's been great playing closer to the line of scrimmage. But, in coverage, both Brisker and Jackson are out of sync. They've both been out of place and behind plays consistently. If the Bears give up a big pass play, you can typically count on Brisker or Jackson being at fault.

Come to think of it, Jackson can join Brisker as an honorary child at the table this year. The difference is, Brisker is still part of the Bears' immediate future plans. Jackson, meanwhile, likely won't be here in 2024.