6 Bears players who could lose snaps to rookies in 2024

Chicago Bears, Braxton Jones
Chicago Bears, Braxton Jones / Ryan Kang/GettyImages
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Jaylon Jones, CB

Here's where we get into a bit more of the nitty gritty. Last year, Jaylon Jones played 76 percent of special team snaps. He's not necessarily going to see the field in coverage, as much. But, as a special teams player, Jones played pretty well.

But, the Bears did bring in undrafted free agent Reddy Stewart out of Troy. He has gone on record stating he "will play wherever," giving the Bears the type of attitude they like to see. With that mentality, Stewart might just find his way onto the team as a reserve corner and special teams ace, should he be able to leapfrog Jones on the depth chart.

Gerald Everett, TE

Finally, this might be a little misleading. The Bears aren't going to straight-up bench Gerald Everett for the undrafted Brendan Bates out of Kentucky. However, if Bates makes this team over Stephen Carlson (and he could) then I could see the Bears using Bates over Everett in blocking situations.

Bates comes in as an excellent blocker, which is how he was used the most at Kentucky. He's not going to blow the roof off as a receiving threat, and that's fine. That's where Everett and Cole Kmet specialize. But, Bates could offer quite a bit as a blocker, and the Bears may opt to keep him over Carlson while giving him some time on the field over Everett, specifically in run-blocking scenarios.