3 players who could re-sign with Bears late in free agency

Could Ryan Poles decide to bring these guys back?
Chicago Bears, Marcedes Lewis
Chicago Bears, Marcedes Lewis / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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2. Eddie Jackson, S

For a few years, Eddie Jackson was at the top. He was one of the league's best safeties and a guy Bears fans couldn't take their eyes off of. Jackson was an absolute ball hawk early on in his career with the Bears, coming up with the football on several occasions and he was always a threat to score when he had the ball in his hands.

A few years into his career, though, Jackson's play took a step back. His effort became underwhelming on more occasions than not, which was disappointing to see from a fan's perspective. He went from being a highly-ascending player in this league to a guy Bears fans were ready to assist out the door.

Still without a job, Jackson's outlook could be a bit different at this point. Being released and not having a new team at this point is a sobering turn of events for a former All Pro. But, should Jackson return to Chicago now, he could add excellent depth. He may not be worthy of starting at this point in his career, but Jackson would be considered a better backup plan than, say, Elijah Hicks.