3 Bears players who could be cut before playing a snap

Which Bears players won't see a whole lot of opportunity before getting cut this summer?
Chicago Bears, Bears roster
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Joe Reed, WR

Who would have thought wide receiver to be a strength of the Chicago Bears? What world are we living in?

After the Bears traded their first overall pick to the Carolina Panthers in exchange for a haul of picks and D.J. Moore, the tide shifted in Chicago. Moore gives Fields an alpha at wide receiver. He's the real deal. Besides Moore, the Bears have Darnell Mooney and Chase Claypool.

But, Chicago also drafted Cincinnati wide receiver Tyler Scott in the fourth round, and that kid gives this offense track star speed. Let's just say Fields is going to be letting it fly more often in Year 3.

Then, the Bears have guys like Equanimeous St. Brown and Dante Pettis, of whom they should only keep one. It'll likely be St. Brown due to his elite blocking. Last year's third-round pick, Velus Jones Jr., will also probably make the team due to Poles not wanting to admit failure just yet.

From here, there's a myriad of five receivers including Joe Reed, who will have absolutely no chance at making this team. Reed has not played in a regular season game since 2020 and only has five career receptions.

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