5 Chicago Bears who deserve more playing time in Week 4 vs. Broncos

The Chicago Bears are struggling and I think it's safe to say changes need to be made. If the team isn't going to fire Matt Eberflus, then the coaching staff must make changes to the depth chart.

Chicago Bears, Equanimeous St. Brown
Chicago Bears, Equanimeous St. Brown / Michael Reaves/GettyImages
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We are getting close to gameday and the Chicago Bears are desperate for a win. The Bears are facing off against another winless team this week. Some are calling it the Toilet Bowl. Mark Carman of CHGO referred to it as Judgment Day. I'm not sure what it should be called, but it is a must-win for both teams. The question is, what can the Chicago Bears do differently this week to help secure a victory?

One thing is for certain, the Chicago Bears must find a way to stop the Denver Broncos offense while becoming more efficient on offense themselves. This game is not going to be easy for the Bears. One thing that can help is getting off the field on third down. They are constantly allowing third downs to be converted — even if longer than five yards. It is frustrating to watch. Fans are calling for the head of Justin Fields when they should be pointing the finger at the defense.

A few players on the Chicago Bears roster deserve more playing time

To help this team change things up, I think it is only fair that certain players see more opportunities while others take more of a backseat. This doesn't mean starters need to be swapped in every instance, but it does mean guys who are working through rotations need more or longer rotations. For any of you jokesters out there who are hoping to see Tyson Bagent on the list, I have news for you. He is not going to make the cut today. Justin Fields needs to start for at least the next two games. Even then, I'm probably not making the switch, but I can understand those who want it.