5 Chicago Bears who deserve more playing time in Week 4 vs. Broncos

The Chicago Bears are struggling and I think it's safe to say changes need to be made. If the team isn't going to fire Matt Eberflus, then the coaching staff must make changes to the depth chart.

Chicago Bears, Equanimeous St. Brown
Chicago Bears, Equanimeous St. Brown / Michael Reaves/GettyImages
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Chicago Bears, Equanimeous St. Brown
Chicago Bears, Equanimeous St. Brown / Todd Kirkland/GettyImages

The Chicago Bears should activate Equanimeous St. Brown

Ryan Poles brought Equanimeous St. Brown back to Chicago on a one-year deal. He made the final roster, but has been inactive since the beginning of the year. Instead, we have seen Trent Taylor (punt returner), Tyler Scott and Velus Jones as the final three WRs active each week. Well, it's time to put an end to this nonsense.

In the preseason, we saw two perfectly executed screen plays go for more than 50 yards each and touchdowns. We have not seen that since and that has plenty to do with the execution of the receivers blocking. When you have a blocking specialist who can also be a an asset on special teams, I think it's worth playing him over the guy who takes touchbacks on kickoffs every time and only sees jet sweeps to the short side of the field on offense. Yes, I am talking about Velus Jones, Jr.

If Luke Getsy wants to keep running his offense this way, then he cannot count on guys like Chase Claypool, Darnell Mooney and even DJ Moore to consistently block. Moore and Mooney aren't bad, but Claypool is pretty awful at it, even when he gives maximum effort. If I'm Luke Getsy, I'm demanding that St. Brown plays in an attempt to save my job.

To recap, the Chicago Bears should make Velus Jones inactive and activate Equanimeous St. Brown ahead of the Broncos matchup.