5 Chicago Bears who deserve more playing time in Week 4 vs. Broncos

The Chicago Bears are struggling and I think it's safe to say changes need to be made. If the team isn't going to fire Matt Eberflus, then the coaching staff must make changes to the depth chart.

Chicago Bears, Equanimeous St. Brown
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Chicago Bears, Noah Sewell
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The Chicago Bears should give more snaps to Noah Sewell

This request might be a little more difficult. Noah Sewell has been seeing upwards of 92% of the special teams snaps. Should Sewell see more playing time with the defensive unit, than they will have to have someone fill in for him on special teams. All of that said, I don't care. The little bit of Sewell that we've seen reminds me of what Jack Sanborn did last season. He just plays with an energy that you aren't consistently seeing out of the starters.

With how poorly T.J. Edwards and Tremaine Edmunds have been playing, I wouldn't mind seeing Sewell out there instead. It's interesting how they pulled Edmunds at the end of the Chiefs game. This allowed Sewell to see some additional defensive reps. He saw his snaps go from three to 10 — an 11% increase in snap share.

I'd like to see Powell consistently see a 15% snap share as he is rotated in and out of the game. If he continues to play well, think of his 2021 season at Oregon when he was seen as a first or second-round pick instead of a fifth-rounder. Remember, T.J. Edwards is only here on a one-year deal. Sewell could be his replacement if Edwards continues to look lost out there as often as he does.

It's troubling since Edwards looked so good in Philadelphia and Edmunds looked so good in Buffalo. I'm not sure if it's the Tampa 2 defense, Matt Eberflus or the entire Chicago Bears organization that's the problem. Most likely a combination of the three — give the young guy a chance to continue to prove he's worthy.