7 Bears players who don't deserve to be on the roster anymore

We have seen enough of these players.

Chicago Bears, Eddie Jackson
Chicago Bears, Eddie Jackson / Quinn Harris/GettyImages
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5. Eddie Jackson, S

It seems like a lifetime ago that Eddie Jackson was arguably a top-5 safety in the league. As a fourth-round rookie, Jackson took the league by storm and became a walking, talking touchdown for a few games. His nose for the football is what earned him a fat contract extension back in January of 2020.

Since he signed that extension, though, Jackson's play has dropped off in a big way. He's been a liability in coverage, many times appearing a step behind on routes and getting beat badly. No longer is he finding the football as much as he did earlier in his career, which is what made him so valuable in the first place.

Jackson's inability to tackle is also alarming. This season, he has a career-worst 20 percent missed tackle rate. We weren't sure it could get much worse after his downfall in 2020, but this season it definitely has. Jackson has also been missing in action against the run, where Pro Football Focus has given him a measly grade of 45.2 thus far -- also a career-worst in that department.

Next offseason, the Bears can cut Jackson while saving roughly $13 million. His cap number is over $18 million in 2024, which is way too much for a player that's taken such a dip backward.