2 Chicago Bears players who should have an expanded role in 2023, and 2 who should not

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Chicago Bears, Trevis Gipson
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1. Trevis Gipson may not be in the Chicago Bears plans

Last season, when the Chicago Bears traded Khalil Mack, a lot of the talk was that Trevis Gipson would see a huge role. He was working in rotationally with Al-Quadin Muhammad, and performed well, so the team moved on from Robert Quinn, and Gipson was thrust into a starting role. That is when things fell apart immediately.

Gipson started to get extra attention, and he was not ready for it. Needless to say, he is not a player who will be seeing a bigger role this season, like he did last season. The question is how much smaller does his role get?

We know the Chicago Bears signed DeMarcus Walker and Rasheem Green. Those names do not excite fans, but you cannot find a stat where they were worse than Trevis Gipson after Gipson stepped into the starting role. So, these will be the two starters.

Then, there is Dominique Robinson. Fans were disappointed by Robinson, but he was a project who was always projected to be at his best well down the line. So, the Chicago Bears may not be as turned off by his rookie season as the fans. The reality is that Robinson is entering year two, while Gipson will be entering his fourth season. This regime drafted Robinson, and Gipson is technically not even the best scheme fit.

The Chicago Bears could easily lean toward playing Robinson over Gipson as well. So, from being in the mix to start in year three to being the potential fourth man in the rotation in year four is certainly a drop in role. We will see if he can settle into a middle ground, or if depth is the life for him.