2 Chicago Bears players who should have an expanded role in 2023, and 2 who should not

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Chicago Bears, Kindle Vildor
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2. Chicago Bears did not like the first season they had with Kindle Vildor

Last season Kindle Vildor was a starter when the Chicago Bears went to three cornerback sets. Considering the NFL is much more of a pass-happy league. Vildor played a good amount for the Chicago Bears last season.

It is pretty easy to see that this will not be the case in 2023. First, the team drafted Tyrique Stevenson in round two. The investment not only has Vildor on notice but also Kyler Gordon, as he will fight for the number two spot.

Still, if Stevenson and Gordon are fighting between two and three, both are clearly ahead of Vildor. First, Vildor was thought to be the backup on the outside, and the fourth cornerback. However, the team also drafted Terell Smith, who will be direct competition for that role.

What makes this even trickier is that Josh Blackwell is the backup slot, and because of that role, he almost certainly makes the roster as the fifth guy. So, if Vildor does lose out to Smith, he could be in line to compete for the sixth spot on the depth chart. Even UDFA Jaylon Jones showed enough promise to push the sixth guy.

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So, Vildor went from starting to a realistic chance that he is sixth in line on the depth chart. Even if he beats out Terell Smith, the drop to fourth is significant compared to last season. That is a steady drop, mainly caused by the offseason.