3 Chicago Bears who could lose their starting jobs during training camp

Chicago Bears, Cole Kmet
Chicago Bears, Cole Kmet / Michael Reaves/GettyImages
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This is the biggest lull of the NFL offseason. Mandatory minicamps are over and we are now waiting on NFL training camps to begin. The NFL has yet to determine which team is going to be on Hard Knocks. Reports are that the league is looking beyond the four teams that can be forced to do so -- including a back-to-back run with the Detroit Lions. The Chicago Bears were one of those four teams, but George McCaskey has made it clear he wants nothing to do with that show.

Let's be honest, the Chicago Bears organization is a little crazy with their tinfoil hats. There are teams literally live-streaming their practices on YouTube, but the Bears limit what beat reporters can even talk about. Instead, bloggers, writers, analysts, and fans are now in the part of the offseason when we are clawing for any bit of news. This includes Jordan Love telling Chicago Bears fans to have a happy Father's Day. Are Bears fans his daddy?

Which of these Chicago Bears could lose their starting spot?

This brings me to where everyone else is now. This time of year is all about projecting what will happen in the upcoming season. It is a time to look at the roster and try to determine who will be sticking around and who will be cut before September. This time of the offseason could also be used to try and predict who is atop the depth chart. As I look at the projected depth chart, a couple of surprise names could potentially lose their starting spot during training camp.