3 Chicago Bears who could lose their starting jobs during training camp

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Chicago Bears Roster: Darnell Mooney could lose his starting spot

With Darnell Mooney sidelined as he recovers from his broken ankle last November, other wide receivers are getting a chance to prove their worth. Dante Pettis has had a solid start to the offseason, while sophomore receiver Velus Jones, Jr. and rookie receiver Tyler Scott have seen more reps.

The hope is that Darnell Mooney will recover in time to play in the first regular season game, however, it's not out of the question that Mooney lands on the PUP list. In a recent interview, Mooney made it known that he is running and recently started making cuts. He expects to be ready for the regular season but has not let on if he will be ready for training camp in just over a month away.

The longer that Mooney is sidelined, the better chance that Tyler Scott pushes for playing time. Mooney had a breakout season in 2021 but fell back to earth in 2022. Remember, as much as we like Mooney and his potential, he was a fifth-round pick. It should not shock anyone if Tyler Scott, a fourth-round pick, pushes for playing time. If D.J. Moore and Chase Claypool lockdown the first and second wide receiver spots, Mooney will need to fight to keep Scott from taking over his role. The two are somewhat similar from a skills standpoint.